Front Zip Sports

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BodyRock Sport hopes to encourage post-Mastectomy and post-cancer surgery patients to get back into the gym by addressing their unique needs. One key element is providing a product that adapts to the changing body shape of women as they go through reconstruction and beyond. For cancer patients that seek to thrive, a sports bra that shifts from cleavage to coverage is likely to meet their expectations and incentivize them to exercise, a critical part of their recovery.

BodyRock Sport’s mission is to empower all women to look and feel beautiful by providing them with activewear that is equally fashionable and functional. The Empower ‘Em Mastectomy bra is undoubtedly “The World’s First Fashionable Mastectomy Bra.” The bra is available in  several patterns such as floral, leopard, pink, black and camouflage.

Bra runs snug